Best alternatives foods to avoid pain killers

fish oil

This article gifts you best alternative foods to avoid pain killers Many are stressed or suffering from muscles pains in this fast moving world, especially for ladies pain during monthly period times is horrible. You may be approaching pain killers to get rid of these pains.

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Best Five techniques to ensure less sugar in diet


Sugar will ensure balanced glucose levels in the body, but too much sugar will damage our health significantly. Excess sugar can cause weight gain, hair loss and other side effects.These are the techniques to ensure less sugar in diet and in your menu.

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Top 5 health benefits of Figs or anjeer fruit


Figs or anjeer fruit,called as ‘Athi Pallu‘ in Telugu, ‘Atti Pazham‘ in (Tamil and Malayalam), ‘Anjura‘ in Kannada and ‘Dumoor‘ in Bengali. Figs are bell shaped fruits with wrinkled and leathery skin. They are one of the sweetest fruits and also have a very sweet aroma. They can vary in size, shape and colour.

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Workout mistakes that lead to weight gain


Are you gaining weight even are following strict diet and hard gym, then check for these common mistake.This article describes the Top workout mistakes that lead to weight gain and If you can correct these mistakes, your weight will come down automatically.

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Study reveal sleep yields rapid weight loss


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Natural hair thinning remedy wiki


Hair fall in early age very common now due polluted weather and stress in new life styles. It’s better to follow some basic homemade tips to avoid hair thinning instead of trying different trichology methods.

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