Treat eye dark circles Amazing tips


These are the effective home made tips to treat eye dark circles

Pine apple juice:

Apply pineapple juice around the eyes and wash it after 20 minutes. Do this regularly and all dark circles around the eye will disappear gradually.

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Surprising chocolate face packs beauty benifits


Many of us never heard about chocolate face packs.Chocolate is not only for activating your taste buds. It will give radiant glow to your beautiful face. Chocolate has flavonoids and magnesium which will protect the skin and make it glowing.

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Unrevealed tricks for 21 kilos weight loss

Weight loss is not a big deal and proven by a movie actress and she lost 21 kilos in four months. Below are the secrets which she followed and got very pretty physic.

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7 hidden tips that stress the stress

After spending a hectic and stressful week, Weekends are meant for relaxation.

Just spend your weekend with some planned and some unplanned surprising activities to have tons of fun. Tie and put all your stress and worries away.

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Kill stress before it kills you


In our busy life, we may come across many form of Stress and these stresses can affect your physical and mental health greatly. Apart from stress symptoms like headaches and loss of appetite, stress can also affect your health in the long run.

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Hair style APPs makes party make up easy


When Ever you attend parties and function, you will give importance to make up. This make up includes face packs and dressing styles. But many of us ignore hair style which plays a major role and reflects your beauty.

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More fluids fulfill water thirst


Seven to Eight to glasses of fluids per day is recommended for everyone. But we usually drink water after breakfast and lunch and we tend to skip drinking water during working hours.

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