4 Amazing Homemade moisturizer ideas


It’s very difficult to protect your skin from extreme cold conditions in winter season. Many will approach moisturizers to avoid dry skin. But this artificial moisturizer has enough side effects also like rashes, itching and sensation on skins.

It’s better if you can prepare moisturizer that suitable to your skin type at home. These are the best homemade moisturizer ideas that you can try easily yourself instead of believing some brands in the market.

Homemade moisturizer 

Honey with olive oil:

Take two table spoon s of honey, half a spoon olive or coconut oil and half a spoon lemon, mix all these ingredients. Apply this mixed liquid on your skin and wash with warm water after 10 minutes. You can preserve this mixture for two days in refrigerator.

Alovera with almond oil:

Take two table spoon of Alovera crush and quarter cup of cooked oat meal and one table spoon of honey and one table spoon of almond oil. Mix all the ingredients well and apply to the skin. Wash after some time.

Alovera herb also used for treating many skin diseases and burn wounds. Alovera removes all dark spots and gifts best ever young skin to you.

Rose water with glycerin:

Mix four table spoons of rose water with two table spoons of glycerin and apply on skin.wash after fifteen minutes. Rose water acts as skin toner and also keeps skin cool.

Glycerin keeps skin hydrated. Thus this combination gives good glowing and smooth shiny skin.

Coco butter with coconut oil:

Mix three table spoons of coco butter, one and half table spoon of coconut oil, few drops of rose water and heat this mix for light temperature.

Let it cool and apply this mix on  your skin once it’s cool.Wash after 15 minutes to gets rid of dry skin.

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