5 best energetic cool breakfasts


Breakfast is mandatory and important meal of the day. Cool Breakfast ensures necessary energy for body. In summer breakfast should be cool and natural coolant.

5 cool breakfasts:

Cool breakfasts:

Natural coolant foods, high water content vegetables, fruits with oat meal or curd is good choice of breakfasts during summer.

Avoid hot beverages and spice foods:

Keep masala foods away during summer. Masala and chilies will increases body temperatures. It’s better to avoid these foods. Coffee and tea beverages also do enough damage to body during summer.

Avoid foods with high salt content, also reduce consumption of salt during summer. Avoid fried foods and sour foods.

Sour foods causes blotting stomach. Avoid junk foods like burgers, meat patties and oily food for breakfast.

Try smoothies:

Instead of selecting masala foods, chose natural coolant breakfasts for cool stomach. Smoothies, vegetable juices, grilled tomatoes, Poha, Barley bath and cucumber pieces are good healthy breakfasts. These natural coolant foods will decreases body temperatures. Coconut water and pineapple also good coolant foods. These high water content foods keep body cool.

Bake free foods:

Oats with curd and summer berries also good breakfasts. No need to bake or cook these foods. Keep these foods in refrigerator and eat. These cool foods keep stomach full and also has very less calories.

Cooling bars also good choice for breakfast. These food does not contain any synthetic contents. Curd, lime mixed kiwis, cucumber can be made as ice bars.


Many will thinks deserts are meant for dinner. You can chose desert combination also for healthy breakfast. Coco mixed yogurt bars are good coolant foods and reduces body temperature.

Healthy high sweet bars better choice for morning breakfast.Parfiet also good choice. Mix walnuts, almonds, curd and berries with this and eat for healthy and tasty breakfast.

Try these cool and sizzling breakfast and feel the real cool and refresh summer.

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