5 steps keeps you look young


What are symbols for growing age? How to look young?? Wrinkles on face and stripes around mouth. Models and celebrities approach surgeries to get rid of wrinkles and stripes. But Natural foods can be used in effective way to get young look.

These 5 natural foods keeps you look young

  • Pineapple:

Pineapple is very healthy fruit and best solution for erasing wrinkles. Just cut pineapple into thin round circles and keep on face. This will removes all the dead cells and keeps skin and shiny and young.

Take pineapple and apple juice and mix it thoroughly. Now take some cotton and dip in the pineapple and apple mix, Just massage gently with the cotton on wrinkles. Wash with cold water after some time. Do this massage frequently to get wrinkles free and shiny face.

  • Lemon juice:

Lemon will acts good bleaching agent as lemon fruit has good amount of anti oxidants. To get rid of wrinkles and dark spots that arises due to age, just take lemon juice and mix with water. Now apply this mix on dark spots and wrinkles. Wash with warm water after fifteen minutes.

Just apply these mix alternate days to get good results.

  • Water:

Don’t consider water as cheap. Water is natural medicine for many diseases. Water can make skin shiny and glowing. Drink 6 to 8 glasses of water daily. Water can make skin tight and young.

  • Papaya fruit:

Papaya has good amount of Vitamin A.Papene enzyme that present in papaya fruit helps to remove dead skin cells and also muakes skin smooth. Just crush Papaya into paste and apply this paste on face. Wash after some time with hot water.

  • Coconut and olive oils:

Take equal quantity of olive and coconut oil and mix. Just apply these mixed oils on face before going to sleep. These oils keep skin hydrated and give very young look.

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