7 diet & excercises keeps sharp mind

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Sharp mind

Brain  is very powerful organ. Mind has approximately 90 billion neurons which contains billions of fiber nerves. These nerves always flows signals to all parts of the body to perform all our daily activities.

In order to keep our mind functional and active we need to learn some basic mind friendly habits.

Sharp mind tips:


As we won’t eat anything throughout night to get activeness for the day we must take breakfast. Breakfast also well for short term memory improvements and mind alertness.

It’s better to have balanced breakfast instead of having heavy and high calories breakfast.


Fish is healthy food for brain as it has plenty of omega 3 fatty acids. To avoid strokes, dementia we should eat fish 2 to 3 times per week.

Vitamin E:

For good intelligence and for sharp brain Vitamin E is very good food. You should take nuts, seeds and amaranth leaves for getting good vitamin E. Take one ounce of sunflower seeds every day to get sufficient vitamin E.

Brain Games:

To make neurons active you need to give some exercise to your neurons.Yo can play Sudoku or some puzzles. Learning new language or learning new habit also good for brain.

Try to do mathematics without using calculator.

Sharpen two sides of brain:

You should use two sides of the brain equally for the day. Logic reasoning, analysis calculations will be processed by left brain and creativity imagination will be taken care by right brain. To keep both sides active you need to do all these activities.

Physical activity:

To get sharp ideas you need to give physical activity for body. Running and walking everyday keeps your brain active and sharp.

Good Sleep:

Good sleep increase memory power and learning skills. When you are in sleep, brain will process the data so that you can remember things easily. Sleep also throws all toxins outside the body.

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