7 hidden tips that stress the stress

After spending a hectic and stressful week, Weekends are meant for relaxation.

Just spend your weekend with some planned and some unplanned surprising activities to have tons of fun. Tie and put all your stress and worries away.

These are Amazing ideas to get rid of your tensions and stress.

Be close to nature: 

Nature is best place to throw away all your worries. Step out of the concrete jungle and take in the fresh air. Plan a trip to a neighbouring hill stations or palms fields or waterfalls.

Studies suggest that it is easier to distract yourself by staying active in a completely new natural place.
Strong sleep: 

Sleep is a tonic for your body recharge. Catching up on sleep is the first step to a stress-free weekend. Lack of sleep is a trigger to several problems like hypertension, insomnia, and heart related diseases.

Body Massage: 

A good massage goes a long way in rejuvenating your body and mind. It relaxes your nervous system, which is where your stress sits. This in turn strengthens your immune system, improves blood circulation, and helps your recover from any muscle tightness.

Peaceful Meditation: 

Meditation will take you above your problems; it will remind you of your purpose, interests; it will isolate your life’s hurdles and help you view them objectively from a distance.

A simple 15 minutes in a quiet corner is all you need to relax and pontificate. Ensure that the light, temperature, and sitting surface is comfortable. For those lucky enough to have a great outdoors find your spot and blank your mind as you take deep breaths and try to achieve a calm state of mind.

Activate your taste buds: 

Many food helps in distress. Just know your de stress foods. Dry nuts, fruits, sweet potatoes, dark green veggies are the foods to munch on to combat stress. Next time you visit your grocery store, remember to stock up on these healthy, nutrient-rich foods.

Throwaway Negative thoughts:

Use the negative energy as productive fuel; learn to bake, pick a sport, pick up a paint brush, go dancing, learn an instrument, pick a book; it will give you a sense of pride and boost your self esteem.

Bring out your hidden passion, it help you de-stress.
Try innovative activity: 

Go out for a movie, go clubbing, head to that neglected park that does exist amidst your crowded city, play your favourite music, try Jumba dance ,salsa or karaoke, do something you’ve never tried before.

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