8 Best brain teasing apps keeps brain sharp

Smartphones or tablets, whichever the gadget all are favorite toys for all children. If we give chance they will play for 24 hours of the day.

Instead of allowing them to play some foolish skill less games, just select some best brain teasing apps and puzzle APPs. Download such brain tease APPS and ask them to play such games and APPs.As per the experts these Apps will give good exercise for brains and skill development.

Android OS and IOS has many such brain teasing Apps.Even these APPS will increase memory power for elders.


Best brain teasing apps

Wizard APP:

This APP was developed by neuro scientists of university of Cambridge. This is the best APP for memory power improvement. This App will gives tips for remembering things.

Personnel Zen:

This App will makes you think positive. This app developed based on two characters, one is cool and steady character and second character is aggressive and anger. This will make sure that we will see the world with positive approach.

Lumo city:

This is best first generation brain train APP.Small games will ensures to test your intelligence and this app has many levels to play.


This is small brain training APP.it will be useful for memory power improvement, mental abilities and language developments.

Fit brain trainer:

This is the best APP for brain training. It has 35 free games. It’s best for memory power, concentration and language skills.


This app will be good for students .Its improves the remember power and gives lots of techniques to remember things.


This app also useful for mental abilities improvement, concentration and mental abilities development.


This app will follow different approach. This app will follow story type games. This app will helps to improves memory and intelligence and logic skills. But this app available for IOS only.

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