coconut milk Amazing beauty benefits


Coconut is rich nutrient coconut milk can be used as beauty product. We should know how to use this milk for better beauty benefits.

Coconut milk Beauty Benefits:

Hair mask:

Apply coconut milk for hair and massage it for 5 minutes. Let it dry for 20 minutes and take head bath. This milk keeps hair hydrated from roots to ends and also supplies essential proteins. Hair becomes soft and strong with this.

Dry and weak hair:

If hair becomes weak and dry, just take equal amount of coconut milk and coconut oil. Apply to hair as mask. Let it dry for half an hour and Take a towel and dip it in hot water.

Now just squeeze the towel and warp around hair. After that have head bath. This makes hair soft and silk.

Hair conditioner:

If are suffering from severe hair loss, Take hundred ml of water and fifty ml of coconut milk and one table spoon of camphor. Apply this mix to hair. This will help for hair softening. This milk will acts a good conditioner for hair.

Dry Skin:

This milk bath is a good solution for dry skin. But we can’t afford that much coconut milk. Put one quarter cup of this milk and one quarter cup of rose water in bucket water. Also add some rose petals and have bath with that water.

This will give good shining to skin. Vitamins, calcium, iron and proteins in the coconut milk make skin smooth and shiny.

Anti ageing:

This milk increases the elastic nature of skin. Also reduces wrinkles and stretches on the skin. Thus This milk acts as anti ageing agent.

Make up removal:

This milk can be used as make up removing agent also.

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