Diabetic diet needs 8 best fruits


diabetic diet must include these 8 fruits.Many diabetic people avoid fruits and they generally treat fruits as sweet source and hesitate to eat. But surprising thing is that there are some fruits which will help treating diabetes.

Frankly speaking that fruits are mandatory for diabetic diet why because these fruits supply more vitamins, minerals and fiber than vegetables.

Before eat fruits we should make sure that sugar levels in control. Always prefer to eat fruits as part of meal as fruit has good amount of hydro carbonates.

Now we will see some more details like which fruits are best for diabetic diet


Apple fruit has many anti oxidants. These anti oxidants keep cholesterol in control, Keeps the digestive system clean and strengthens the immunity system. Some nutrients that are present in the apple help for digesting some fats.


Many people do not prefer this fruit as it not available everywhere. Peach fruit has log glycolic  index and is very taste. Peach fruit gives good number of nutrients to body.

Guava fruit:

Guava fruit controls diabetic and also prevents constipation. Guava has adequate amount of vitamin A and Vitamin C.Guava also has good amount of fibre.


Glycemic index of berries is 20 and even less in some varities. We can take these fruits at any time of day and even snake time also ok.


Straw berries, raspberries, blackberries will do favour for diabetic patients.


Fibre and fructose that are present in pomegranate will keep the glycemic index low. Thus pomegranate helps in control sugar levels in control.


This anjira fruit has good amount of fibre. Anjira fruits make insulin work effectively in diabetic patients.

Jamun or blackberry:

Last but not least jamun fruit has very effective for controlling sugar level in the body. Hence it’s suggestible as best fruits for diabetic patients. Even crushed jamun seeds powder also useful for diabetic patients, if they take jamun seed powder every day.

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