Mosquito Repellent Plants in your garden



Rainy season is famous for mosquitoes and other insects; it’s very difficult to handle insects in rainy season. Many will use different pesticides to kill insects. These pesticides and chemicals are not effective after some time and may cause many side effects on us.

This article describes how to grow Mosquito Repellent Plants at home.

If you want to try some natural methods to restrict mosquitoes and insects, you can grow some natural plants, which will throw away all insects. These plants also elevate good moods and gift us healthy and pleasant environment.

These are plants we can grow at home:

Holy basin:

Holy basin is famous for it medicinal values. It also stays in first place to throw away insects and mosquitoes. Just grow holy basin plant near to your home main door or in your garden. Boil some holy basin leaves in water and spread on floor. Insects won’t come to your home at all.

Lemon grass:

Lemon will acts as pesticide and restricts all insects. You can grow lemon grass in pots and keep near windows or hang at walls.


Mint is famous for its smell and used as mouth freshener. Mint also acts pesticides its fragrance will throws away all insects if you grow at home.


Rosemary also has good pesticide qualities and keeps mosquitoes and insects away from home. Oil extracted from rosemary plant will be used in dishes for good smell and flavor. But insects won’t like rosemary smell.

Mari gold and penu Greek:

Mari gold and penu Greek also helps in restricting insects. These plants also give pleasant and peaceful life at home.

So Try these Mosquito Repellent Plants at home instead of dangerous chemicals and s pesticides.Plants will gift us health by  producing good air and pleasant environment.





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