office stress relieving power poses


office stress relieving power poses   .You believe it or not it’s true your standing position relieves you from stress. Still you are thinking how it’s possible?? Then you should know these facts and research results.

Our standing and sitting positions and our entire daily activity pose have very close relationship with our mental health and mental strength.

What research scholar says?

Ami kadi, a social psychologist from Harvard University reveals the facts that these standing pose and sitting pose influence hormones flow in the body. Recent power poses Photos released by Ami Kadi, setting trends in individual development courses.

Bending Body position feared and squeezed body position and folded hands position will increases the carats hormone in the body. This hormone is the actual cause for stress in our body.

Power poses:

Instead of trying these wrong positions, positions like standing position with straight shoulder and keepings hands on back. Sitting back with back bone touching completely chair in relaxed position, Bend forward and keep hands on table while watching straight will increase testosterone hormone in the body.

Testosterone hormone will increase the dare and throws away fear. Thus these poses will increase the self confidence in us, hence these poses termed as power poses.

Works in extreme work pressure conditions:

When our surroundings are creating stress and causing extreme pressure, these power poses will be effective or not? If this your question?? These power poses will work in all stressful conditions and anxiety conditions if you practice these powers pose in our daily life.

Get rid of office pressure:

SO Whenever you find some break in your office practise these standing and sitting power poses for 2 to 5 minutes. This will give very good results to face office stress and work pressures. Just treat these power poses as your daily gym physical exercise and practise to get good results.

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